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REPELLOR FIN - Orange/Black strap & tip

REPELLOR FIN - Orange/Black strap & tip


Builds Power - Reduces Fatigue - Increases Speed - Super Comfortable


DMC Repellor surf fin is a high end ocean fin designed for bodysurfing, bodyboarding, lifeguarding, snorkelling and ocean swimming. It uses the DMC Patented RVR Design which enables Max Speed with Less Fatigue.

  • The Technology

    The Technology

    • Designed with DMC's Patented Reverse V Rail (RVR) technology.
    • RVR is geared to offer maximum power for each kick stroke, creating balance for the user unlike any other surf fins.
    • The RVR streamlines vortexes more efficiently than any other design.
    • Silicone material for maximum comfort.
  • The Benefits

    The Benefits

    • Universal foot pocket for ease of putting on
    • Underside drain chute for automatic removal of sand and water
    • Used by recreational bodysurfers through to international bodyboard and bodysurf superstars
    • Short enough for drop-kneed bodyboarding without a lack of power
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